Friday, March 5, 2010

This Week In My Garden

This week the weather has varied from beautiful spring like days to bitterly cold wintry evenings making gardening a little difficult. However I have now made a start on some seed sowing in the greenhouse and have lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, cucumber, courgettes and thyme on the go.  I also potted up some swiss chard that I sowed a week or two ago.

I had started four bags of potatoes in the greenhouse (on reflection this was far too early) and have now put them outside hoping this will encourage them to grow, something they seem particularly reluctant to do..

When I did this the weather was glorious for a few hours but that evening I heard a forecast that sub-zero temperatures were expected that night.  Help! panic stations.  Hastily I groped my way down the garden in pitch darkness to tuck them in with some garden fleece.  Although I have a feeling that I may have lost this crop, totally down to my impatience, I did notice one little shoot struggling through the surface of the soil so, who knows, I will nurse them along for a bit and see what happens. In the meantime I have put a few more in trays to get them to chit before planting.

I have taken the anti-frost fleece off of the onions and the little garden ornaments/scarecrows seem to be doing their job beautifully as the birds have not touched them.  On previous seasons I have constantly gathered  onions up from all over the garden and re-planted them.  I also planted just a few shallots this week.

We spent one day at a garden centre admiring the many gorgeous things on offer and wishing we had a garden the size of a park. There are so many lovely things available but I contented myself by buying some "Westlands John  Innes Sure Start" seed compost which I find is excellent plus some seeds.  I am sure we will be making lots more visits in the coming weeks.

I notice the rhubarb is beginning to sprout beautifully and I do not hasten this along, as many people do, by covering with cloches or forcing.  I allow it to develop in its own good time and look forward to the days when we have delicious crumbles and pies, not too far in the future.

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