Thursday, March 11, 2010

Yet Another Cold Week In The Garden

It remains cold but at least this week it has remained dry enabling my husband Peter to start cutting the grass.  With the blade up high he has taken the top layer off and raked out some moss and it certainly looks considerably better for some loving attention.

We actually have an ideal partnership.  Peter can't tell a weed from a welly so I get to choose what to grow and where to put it while he does all the donkey work such as keeping the lawn looking nice and carrying out any digging or heavy work.  That suits us both and we are perfectly happy each doing our own thing.

A week or two ago I planted a few radishes in the vegetable garden but, as yet,  they are showing no inclination to appear. However I am ever hopeful that if it warms up just a little they may make the effort.

This week I have planted some "Early Nantes" carrot seeds in containers.  I have found from experience that,  if you only have a small garden,  this is an ideal way of growing them as I pull beautiful straight and attractive carrots rather than the mis-shapen, somewhat ugly specimens grown in the open ground.

I have also sown pots of leeks in the greenhouse and some "Red Baron" onion sets outside.

One final task this week was to plant "five" seedlings of "Tumbling Tom" tomatoes in a hanging basket and this will remain in the greenhouse until all danger of frost has passed.

Last year I planted about "twelve" seedlings in the hanging basket but this was a BIG mistake.  Yes, they grew well and the foliage was massive but it produced hundreds of tiny tomatoes no bigger that a pea.  We did bravely eat a lot of them but I am very much hoping that giving them more room to spread their roots will yield better results.  We shall see.

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