Friday, February 26, 2010

Spring Seems a Long Time Coming

Yet again, another week of inclement weather that has prevented us working in the garden. I have taken a chance and planted some tomato seeds in the greenhouse in spite of it being hardly warm enough. These were a gift and are Thompson and Morgan's "Tamina". I must admit I had never even heard of this variety before but they certainly get a good write up and are suitable for garden and greenhouse so fingers crossed they will be a success.

I did find this week some starter packs for the very reasonable price of just 99p each. These contained pots, compost and seeds and, although I selected just two, Swiss Chard and Courgettes, there are many more available and I may well indulge in some more.

Swiss Chard is completely new to me but I had seen it used in a TV cookery programme and people enthused over it so I really wanted to give it a try. I have no idea how to cook it but will experiment if it grows successfully and use my husband as a guinea-pig. Fortunately he is always willing to play the part of that dear little animal. Any cookery recipes will be gratefully received.

This week I also managed to get two more of the 6" glazed pottery pots and, on my kitchen window sill I now have Coriander and Mint to join the original Basil and Parsley. The Coriander germinated very quickly but the Mint is being decidedly obstinate and, in spite of loving persuasion and a little bullying, it is showing total reluctance to appear.

One thing that did appear this week were some Crocus in the garden. These beautiful brave little flowers have survived the snow and being swamped with torrential rain to remind us that spring really is not too far away.

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