Tuesday, February 23, 2010

This Week's Odd Jobs

In spite of the return of sub-zero temperatures we have managed to get a few things under way although we are certainly late starting this year. I got my long suffering husband Peter to dig three holes for me so that I could plant the new shrubs I previously mentioned buying, the Potentilla, Weigela and Duetzia. Before planting I put a good handful of both bonemeal and growmore into the holes hoping that this will give them the best possible start. From now on I will occasionally chat to them and say a little prayer over them if they need it. That probably sounds slightly mad but I am all for giving them every encouragement,

We have also prepared a small bed into which we dug some farmyard manure before planting out the onion sets. For the time being we have tucked them in nice and cosy under some frost protection fleece and just hope they will not freeze to death.

This week we also planted a seed tray in the greenhouse with peppers. Although we do have a little gentle heat in the greenhouse it is really hardly warm enough to germinate them but we are just hoping for the best. If necessary we will plant some more when the temperature rises a little.

Finally, I have mentioned before looking for bargains. This week, in the local 99p shop, I found two beautiful sunny yellow glazed six inch post complete with matching saucers. These I have planted with Basil and Parsley seed and I think they look absolutely delightful on my kitchen window sill.

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