Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Cost Factor

Have you noticed that since the surge of interest in gardening, particularly home grown fruit and vegetables, just about every shop under the sun is selling seeds, plants and garden accessories. The newspaper shop, supermarkets and even our local bookshop has jumped on the bandwagon.

I am a great believer in the adage "you get what you pay for" so I shall continue to buy my vegetable seeds from a well established and reliable company. Having said that, there are undoubtedly bargains to be had if you look for them.

This week I have bought three strong healthy shrubs, Potentilla, Weigela and Deutzia for the ridiculous price of just 99p each. They will fill spaces in the border beautifully and I am sure the red, white and yellow flowers will be a delight to see.

Further bargains I bought this week, also for the princely sum of just 99p each, were two "garden ornaments" which to me look like pretty little scarecrows.
Having this week bought my onion sets (Sturon) and shallots (Pikant), which I shall plant as soon as the weather permits, I will bring the "scarecrows" into use.

I remember last year, having planted the onion sets, I had to go out each morning and gather up and re-plant all of those the birds had pulled out and dropped all over the vegetable garden. This year I am hoping the scarecrows, my secret weapon, will save me having to do that chore but we shall see. Even if it doesn't work, they look very sweet anyway.

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