Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The New Season Begins

Whilst winter may still be with us I have now made a start on this year's vegetable garden but first we needed a trip to the local garden centre to buy compost etc.,

When I bought my seed potatoes from "Gardenbargains.com" the instructions that came with them suggested planting them in one half John Innes No.3. and one half garden compost. Our compost needs a few more weeks before it is ready so I spoke to an expert at the garden centre and asked what I could use as a substitute and this was his reply:-

"Now love, you don't need to be fussy, drop a potato on the ground and it will grow but if you really want to go mad add some farmyard manure to the John Innes".

I will admit to being just a tad on the mad side anyway and I so desperately want wonderful crops this year so we bought both the John Innes and a bag of Westlands Organic farmyard manure.

We carefully mixed the composts and lovingly laid the potatoes in the pods (6 of each of Blue Belle, Lady Christi, Charlotte and Red Magic) gently watering them and making sure they were nice and cosy in the greenhouse. We also have a small heater which will just kick in if the temperature gets down to zero centigrade. Can't have the little darlings freezing to death.
Later on we will plant some more pods for growing outside but, being a little impatient, I couldn't wait to start.

We also bought some Westlands Pure Start seed compost and from now on I shall be sowing on a regular basis, far too much I am sure but I can usually find a few willing hands to accept the surplus.

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