Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ugly Spaces in the Flower Border

I must start this blog with grateful thanks to Michael for responding to my blog on brassicas and for his suggestions regarding slug control. I always think it is so nice when amatuer gardeners share ideas and remedies. As suggested, I visited "" and found, not only were the slugbells inexpensive but also most attractive and will certainly not look out of place amongst the flower beds or the vegetable garden. So thank you for that Michael, I shall be ordering some right away.

This week, with the snow almost gone and clearing fast and most things in the garden dormant for a little while I have been taking stock of the flower borders. It really is most unattractive to have stretches of bare fence showing and nothing but a few miserable little twiggy bits in the border trying their best to look like plants. Obviously one or two more evergreens are needed to fill the gap, the only decision to be made is which ones.

Now there are some perennial plants in the border which will shortly come into growth and, if only I could remember what colour they will be, it would be easy to choose but that is a non-starter so I must think of something else.

In our small front garden I have a Rosemary bush and a Bay tree and these would be wonderful candidates to fill the space. They grow very quickly, are really hardy and easy to prune into most attractive shapes. I also find that herbs can be a positive asset in the flower garden.

Added to which they improve my culinary efforts no end. What could be nicer than Rosemary added to crispy roast potatoes or baked with a lovely leg of lamb. Add a bay leaf or two to stews and caseroles and also infused into the milk used to make rice pudding. Quite delicious.

It will be just a few weeks before planting time arrives so I have time to mull over the problem before coming to a firm decision. Out with the catalogues again. Talking of catalogues Mr Fothergill's ( summer garden plant catalogue 2010 is now available and is superb.

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