Monday, January 18, 2010

Short and Sweet This Time

Whilst the garden looks like a Christmas card and is lovely to admire through the window, it is impossible to work outside at the moment. The ground is frozen solid and since I have no wish to turn into a snowman I shall remain in the warm and enjoy reading garden catalogues.

The seed potatoes that I ordered for mid-January delivery arrived this week, somewhat early, so at least I can do one little job indoors within the next week or two.

Two weeks before planting they need to be chitted, a really simple method of kick-starting the tubers into growth, You arrange the tubers on egg boxes or egg trays and place them in a sunny but cool position. (I find small muffin trays work well for me). Soon small shoots (or chits) appear all over each tuber and they are then ready for planting.

I will keep you informed of my progress but I do expect to get massive crops, unlike the tiddlers I grew this year. There is always something new to learn and my knowledge of the best way of growing potatoes is increasing in leaps and bounds.

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