Monday, January 18, 2010

The Festive Season

This week we had the first of the really hard frosts and brrrr, is it cold. However, I am more than happy to see it as this frost will break down the soil beautifully in readiness for spring planting.

I have already ordered some seed potatoes and extra pods for mid-January delivery (See Garden and will plant the first pod in the greenhouse towards the end of that month. At that time I will really feel the new season has begun.

At this festive time of year friends and family ask "what gift would I like for Christmas?" and when I reply a packet or two of seeds they scornfully dismiss this suggestion but for me that would be lovely. Not for me the diamonds or furs but a packet of seeds, be it fruit, flowers or vegetables gives me months of pleasure. Sowing, nurturing and enjoying the results, what could be nicer.

Just one exception, please no house plants, I am the absolute kiss of death to them. In fact, I will share with youi another of my poems written after yet more house plants were relegated to the compost heap.


When it comes to houseplants I am the first to admit that into my home, they appear not to fit.
Why this should be I really don't know,
it seems as though they have no wish to grow.
Whilst other peoples seem to thrive, mine find it difficult just to survive.
So much knowledge is needed you see,
whether to water, to feed or just leave them be.
While neighbours flowers bloom like mad
mine just sit there looking tired and sad.
With indoor plants, I really care a lot
and display each one in a lovely pot.
But I am sure they sense I am unaware
of what to do to ensure their care.
When sick, I pass them on to a green fingered friend
and in no time at all they are on the mend.
In due course they are returned to me
but will they live?, we just wait and see.
It is totally different with garden plants,
at least outside they are in with a chance.
With sun and gentle rain we hope
that nature on its own will cope.

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