Sunday, April 4, 2010

Oh For Some Local "Global" Warming

I know global warming is something I should be taking seriously but oh how I would love some warmer weather in which to do some gardening.  In yet another week of wet, windy and decidedly cold weather it has meant we have achieved very little although wrapped up like eskimos we have managed to get a few jobs done.

On the one and only good day Peter managed to erect the bean frame from really excellent strong canes we ordered from TFM ( at an extremely reasonable price.  On previous occasions we have bought canes from the local garden centre and driven home with them pointing skywards through the car sunroof with me in the passenger seat holding on to them for dear life.  How much easier to have them delivered to the door.

I have now planted the beans in large pots in the greenhouse along with just two squash seeds.  The five squash plants I grew last year were very successful and the fruit (or vegetable), I am never quite sure which, produced huge and delicious crops but roamed all over the garden, hence the need to limit ourselves to just two this year.

I have also sown a few more carrot seed, this time "Suttons Purple Haze" and put outside the swiss chard and lettuce to harden off ready to plants when the weather permits.

The rhubarb is growing vigorously and within a few days we shall have our first pick of the season.  We love it in pies and crumbles and, with the addition of some demerara suger, a little grated fresh ginger and a splash of orange juice, it is truly delicious.

The flower garden is desperately in need of some tender, loving care but in the meantime many of the bulbs are flowering including the beautiful little grape hyacinth and these really do give us so much pleasure.

The aubretia too is looking oh so pretty alongside the yellow primroses.

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