Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Wet Week In The Garden

We have really had more than our fair share of rain this week but in between times we have had a few sunny spells which encouraged some things, particularly weeds, to grow quite strongly.

This week we planted some garlic, which we haven't grown before, and there were two reasons for this.  One, we like garlic and two, we have been told on good authority that it does act as a garden pest repellent.  Time will tell if this statement is accurate.

We also planted some peas (Suttons Kelvedon Wonder) although why we did that I have no idea.  The frozen ones in the shops are excellent and very reasonably priced so is it really worth giving them precious space in the vegetable garden?

Having said that, a really nice thing to do is to sit round the table with the family shelling peas and even the appearance of an  occasional  maggot doesn't detract from our pleasure. We grow our peas between two low trellis's rather than pushing twigs in and this does seem to work quite well.

I also started off yet more potato pods.  I am sure we will end up with far too many but it is such fun growing them by this method that I can't resist the temptation to keep planting more.

We have also sown some more radish and spring onion seed to continue from those planted a few weeks ago. I try very hard to extend the season of some things but it doesn't always work.  The things that I plant early seem to take forever to germinate whereas those I plant later seem to romp away and everything is ready to harvest at the same time.  I guess that is just bad planning.

The flower garden is beginning to look quite pretty and although the miniature daffodils are late putting in an appearance this year, they are well worth the wait.

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