Tuesday, May 25, 2010

An Exciting Week in the Garden

Lots of things now growing in the garden and great excitement watching everything develop.  The potatoes are now growing really strongly and in just a few weeks we shall be enjoying the fruits of our labours.

This week we have been eating and freezing lots of delicious rhubarb and have also pulled the first of the radishes.  The lettuces, spring onions, rocket and beetroot will not be far behind and we will soon be eating freshly picked salads and what could be nicer.

We have now planted out the runner beans and tomatoes, much too early some would say, but should we be really unlucky and get another ground frost, I will tuck fleece around them and keep fingers crossed.  (Of course I could well be the first one in the neighbourhood to show off my crops and watch with glee the envy of others).

One tip I was recently given is to save up eggshells, crush them and spread them round the runner beans.  This is to keep the slugs away and, although they have only been in the ground for a week, so far there has been no signs of the wretched creatures.

I now have another pot on the kitchen windowsill to join the coriander, basil, parsley and thyme, which are all doing well, and this time it is Dill. I really would love to have some more herbs to join them but, failing having a hole knocked in the wall and another window installed, which seems somewhat drastic, I guess I will have to make do with five.  Rosemary, bay leaves and mint are growing in the garden so it is a pretty reasonable selection of herbs.

When we moved to this bungalow, some five years ago, there were two really ugly concrete clothes line posts in the garden spoiling the view from the window.  As we are totally lacking in DIY skills and would not have the tools to remove them anyway, we had to think of another idea.  I covered one of the offending posts with wire mesh and planted some ivy at the base.  This is now within a few inches of the top so a have planted a clematis to climb up the ivy and add a splash of colour.  I am really hoping this will make an attractive feature in the garden rather than an eyesore.

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