Thursday, November 19, 2009

An Ode to Garden Visitors

During these long dark evenings when gardening opportunities are a bit limited I do amuse myself by writing a little light hearted verse, only about my beloved garden of course. Thought I would share this one with you.

Of the many garden visitors, there are some we do prefer
and others may look quite nice but we do our utmost to deter.
It is said we are here for a purpose, all creatures great and small
but some we welcome with open arms, others not at all.

That wriggly little worm, we can hardly call attractive
but they aerate our soil so well just by keeping very active.
We really should encourage them but I have yet to find a way
of trying to communicate and inviting them to stay.

To attract the beautiful butterfly, a buddleia bush is fine
for there is absolutely nowehere they would rather spend their time.
No problems with this pretty thing, no pain from bites or stings
just the pleasure of observing their lovely colourful wings.

For birds there are so many things that you can easily do.
A bag of nuts, a nesting box, they'll be so pleased with you.
So do these things and more, to encourage them along
and you will be rewarded with a very beautiful song.

A slug, I am sure you will agree, is fat and black and ugly
and I cannot think of a single thing that would make this creature lovely.
So sink a jar of beer into the ground and it will try to swim.
It seems a reasonably humane way to rid your garden of this thing.

Green and Black fly too, we would rather they didn't come
sitting on our roses and basking in the sun.
Clinging like glue on to the leaves and spoiling the beautiful bloom
For them you can be sure, we just do not have the room.

If you really are adventurous, you could make yourself some money
by intsalling a beehive in your garden to produce your very own honey.
However, if your fear of stings is such that you prefer to make a stand
it probably is much better to buy a supermarket brand.

Some of these things just have to go but find a way that's kind.
Do unto others as you would have done to you is what I bear in mind.
So I try to give a pleasant death to these things we call a pest.
I am sure I do not always succeed but I try my very best.

I have, of course, just mentioned a few, there are so many more,
Some creatures you will really hate, others you'll adore.
Whilst many of them are welcome and their presence no one minds,
with others, oh if only, they could read our "keep off" signs.

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