Friday, October 30, 2009

A Necessary Chore

Before telling you about today's chore I should explain something first.

My husband of many years, Peter, is the first to admit that his gardening knowledge is zero. In spite of years of trying to educate him, he still can't tell a daffodil from a dahlia or a weed from a wisteria. However he is always willing to carry out all the heavy and not so pleasant jobs in the garden and that, to me, makes for an absolutely perfect gardening partnership. While he does all the hard work I can thoroughly enjoy selecting what to grow, planting, lovingly tending and reaping all the benefits.

Today it was time to give our small greenhouse its annual clean so I enlisted Peter's help. He started by removing everything in there, tools and shelving and those hundred and one miscellaneous objects that have been put there simply because you couldn't find anywhere else to store them. Next was washing everything. The smell of lots of soapy water to which a strong disinfectant had been added pervaded the air and I am sure drifted into adjoining gardens. We didn't get any complaints so I think we can safely assume that we didn't upset the neighbours too much. Having completed the cleaning he re-assembled everything and lit a "Monrobrands dead fast sulpher greenhouse candle". This will exterminate any univited guests of the bug variety and leave the greenhouse pristine clean.

My only contribution to today's events was to remove the plants and put them in a sheltered part of the garden until it was time to return them to the greenhouse.

With that job out of the way and conciences clear it was time to relax with a glass of wine, read all the seed catalogues and start planning for next season.

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