Sunday, October 18, 2009


As the fledgelings have grown and flown the nest we are now just two with a small garden so I attempt (not always successfully) to grow small quantities of produce for the kitchen.

This year I lovingly planted just one cucumber seed and it rewarded me by growing into a sturdy little seedling which I then planted into one corner of our greenhouse. It appeared to be showing it's displeasure at being moved as, although I fed, watered and even talked to it for weeks it remained just a few inches tall. However it must have then decided that the protest had continued long enough and it started to grow and produce fruit at a remarkable rate. So much so, all four walls of the greenhouse were covered with the plant and it even tried to escape through the roof vent.. Literally, dozens and dozens of cucumbers were ripe for picking and were presented to all and sundry whether they wanted them or not. In fact, I suspect my neighbours tried to avoid me in case yet another cucumber was thrust into their reluctant hands.

I did however find a solution to use up the cucumber mountain when I discovered they are great as a hot vegetable. Sauteed in butter with chopped fresh herbs or braised in vegetable stock, they are delicious.

This will definitely be on my "must grow again next year" list.

Cucumber seed - Mr Fothergills. Variety Fadia F1

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